Escape rooms since 2014…

Over the years, we have designed 8 unique escape rooms and in 2021 we decided to design an educational game inspired by a Gamification philosophy that deals with Cyber Security Training. In 2023 HACKED! came to the world. At the beginning of the year we started building the game into a 40′ shipping container to create HACKED! mobile. 

Andreas Hagerup Linnet


Master in Media and Communications from RUC. Outdoor type, entrepreneur and former consultant within supply and public procurement. Andreas has a Master in Geographic and Communication from Roskilde University Center. He has worked 10 years as a consultant and has in his sparetime used his entrepreneurial skills to found different start up companies.

Martin Harss


Passionated climber, Master in Engineer and former management consultant. Martin started his career as project manager, teamleader and LEAN implementation responsible at Statens Serum Institut (SSI). Hereafter, he continued his career as management consultant at the company Emendo A/S. Furthermore, Martin is the main organiser behind DTU Adventure Race, and he generally finds energy and purpose in creating settings, that allow people to play and challenge themselves both physically and mentally.

Escape Copenhagen was founded in 2014. The idea was born during a lunch between the three friends, Ulrik, Martin, and Andreas…

The idea appealed to all three of us because of the prospect of giving people the opportunity to have fun together in an active and challenging way. In addition, this was a concept we had already worked with for other startup ideas.

After the idea was planted,it was impossible to let it go. In an old shipyard building on Refshaleøen, we found a location. Its old industrial look created a perfect venue for our first game, Tower Escape, which was created with flea-market items and lots of creativity. Ulrik created a webpage, and since the demand for challenging entertainment turned out to be big, the bookings came more or less by themselves. Thus, it did not take long before it was clear that escape games in Copenhagen was a market worth investigating further.

In the spring of 2015, the demand seemed to keep growing, and we decided to go all-in. We rented a large basement on Nørre Farimagsgade 7 in the center of Copenhagen. In April of 2015, we opened our first currently running game at this location, “ The Psychotic Janitor”.The new location had room for more games, so we both took time off from our full-time jobs as consultants. Together with Ulrik, we built the game, “The Terrorist’s Cell”.

In 2016, we had both returned to our nine-to-five jobs, but almost all spare time was still used to refine the games with the help from Ulrik and customer feedback. Throughout 2016, the interest and the demand for intelligent entertainment grew rapidly. Towards the end of the year, we had so many people attempting to book games that we could not meet the demand. Therefore, we decided it was time to expand.

In January 2017, we were able to open the doors to Cosmos, the first Virtual Reality Escape Game in Denmark. It all started to look like something that could actually make a livable income. We also discovered that we both got more value from creating fun experiences for others than from our nine-to-five jobs.Vikings“.

So, we decided to quit them definitively and devote all our working hours to Escape Copenhagen. “, a “doubles game” with room for 14 participants, where two teams must cooperate across the board towards the end. Enter the Mind is also the first Escape Room in Denmark, where customers are guaranteed 60 minutes of entertainment. The design allows for a high score list based on solved extra puzzles, where very few teams have solved them all. After the summer of 2017, we’ve just been busy and given full throttle with the development of the company, which is just growing and growing. HACKED! came to the world in 2023. An escape room created as a supplement to the company’s conventional cyber security training.


Sept. 2014

Operatøren i Tårnet ready on Refshaleøen

Apr. 2015

Nørre Farimagsgade 7 kld. tv. opens

Apr. 2015

The Psychotic Janitor opens

Aug. 2015

The Terrorist Cell opens

Dec. 2015

The Solitary Munk opens

Nov. 2016

Nørre Voldgade 18 opens

Jan. 2017

Cosmos, DKs first VR team escape room opens

Feb. 2017

Vikings I opens

May 2017

Enter the Mind - Our first double game opens

Nov. 2018

Nørre Voldgade 18 st. th. opens

Nov. 2018

Stop The Bomb, VR teambuilding at customer location

Nov. 2018

Vikings II opens

Apr. 2019

Herredsfogdens Morderjagt available at Frilandsmuseet in Lyngby

Jun. 2019

Dr. Evil's Plan opens

Aug. 2019

Escape The Last Pyramid – Virtuel Reality opens

Aug. 2019

Beyond Medusa's Gate – Virtuel Reality opens

Aug. 2020

The Dagger Of Time – Virtuel Reality opens

Nov. 2020

The Rogue General opens

Dec. 2020

A series of Print + Cut Escape games are offered in private homes

Dec. 2020

The Solitary Monk is discontinued

May. 2021

The Terrorist Cell opens 2.0

Jul. 2021

The Terrorist Cell v. 2.0 II opens

Nov. 2021

The Psychotic Janitor II opens

Sep. 2022

Stormen opens

Feb. 2023

HACKED! opens

May. 2023

Mobile escape room premieres

Aug. 2023

Tornebuskegade 1 opens

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What our customers say

Bookede Esc. Cph. som aftenens event. efter møde med nordiske kollegaer. De taler og engelsk, så det er helt perfekt hvis man også har Finske kollegaer med 🙂 Virkelig sjov oplevelse, og en god alle var vældig tilfredse.

– Kim Z

Ej vi havde det så sjovt. Fedt concept, vi gjorde det 5 stk, lige inden en julefrokost. Det var en god måde at starte det hele op på 🙂

– Simone Lone

Super fedt sted, hvor hjernecellerne bliver udfordret og hvor det gælder om teamwork.

– Henrik Vestergaard

"Hacked" var super godt lavet. Vi var 6 personer og for flere var det første gang i escaperoom. Vi savnede et sted at sidde bagefter, så vi fik afsluttet/evalueret på oplevelsen over et glas vin/vand/øl, men det er blot et ønske. Oplevelsen med escaperoomet og personalets service var i top.

– Bettina Herse

Great Escape room! well organized and flexible booking. Very nice team building experience. Highly recommended!

– Anna Olejnik

Escape room er virkelig imponerende ! Selvom vi ikke kom ud nogle af os, har vi virkelig haft det sjovt! Rigtig god Team Building! Personalet var imødekommende og havde ingen problemer i at forklare os omkring konceptet på engelsk! De varmeste Anbefalinger her fra 🙂

– Jesper Ulriksen

Det var en super god oplevelse. Stemningen var helt i top og vores gamemaster var god til at se hvornår vi havde brug for et lille skub i den rigtige retning. Nåede ud med 1 minut og 13 sekunder tilbage.

– Jonaz van der Zee

Super nice place and games. came with my colleagues and we spent some nice time trying to escape the room (s). Highly recommended.

– Selim Mezher

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