3-6 players


60 min.

Tornebuskegade 1

400 kr/pers

An invisible enemy lurks in the dark

The CEO of Defense Robotics is alarmed. Defense Robotics has just signed a contract with the military regarding their newest product; ShieldBotXtreme.

Mysterious emails are popping up in the mailboxes of Company’s employees, and the CEO fears that at cyber-attack is eminent. If the design and weapon technology of the new product is leaked, it will be a disaster!

Equipped with your special agent tools, it is now up to you to track potential cybercriminals and ward off their attacks. Do you have what it takes?

Hacked! is a cyber awareness escape room developed and based on recommendations from Danish military center of Cyber-defense. The game tests your skills and gives you better cyber awareness The game can be a kickoff for a broader debate about IT security.

Team average age must be 18 years of age before you can play Hacked.

Languages: Danish & English

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What our customers say

It's a great experience for everyone. It completely met my expectations. The event gave an energy and attention to the work with cyber and information security, which creates great value in our continued work to secure society's critical infrastructure. The event was carried out with great professionalism from CyberEscapeRoom. We will definitely repeat the experience.

– Morten Pedersen, CISO at Banedanmark

The Escape Room HACKED! was a smashing success for us. The crew from Escape CPH were great throughout the entire process, from initial talks all the way to having a massive 12 meter shipping container on our location. Over 100 of our colleagues tried the room, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Truly a great way of spreading awareness and making cyber security just a little bit fun!

Michael W. Strandby, Senior Cyber Security Professional at Lundbeck

Super great feedback from the organization and definitely something that has been talked about afterwards. There was almost an echo everywhere. I would definitely recommend CyberEscapeRoom.dk to others who want to do awareness training in this way, they get 10 out of 10.

– Ida Bongosia Brun, Head of IT Governance at Uno-X

It's super cool and a good way to do something different than the typical awareness training, because it provides an experience that people can talk about and feel on their own bodies.

– Camilla N. Bjærge, Change Management Leader at Banedanmark

It's the obvious way to run cyber training, because it's as hands-on as anything can get. I think it's really cool, I'm really stoked about it

Morten B. Deleuran, Head of IT at Peter Justesen

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